Province No. 5 is one of the seven provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted on 20 September 2015. As per a 17 January 2018 cabinet meeting, the city of Butwal has been declared the interim state capital of Province No. 5. It borders Gandaki Pradesh and Karnali Pradesh to the north, Sudurpashchim Pradesh to the west, and Uttar Pradesh of India to the south.
Province n0. 5 in the map of Nepal

Government and administration

Provincial governments of Nepal and Provincial Assembly of Province No. 5 The Governor acts as the head of the province while the Chief Minister is the head of the provincial government. The Chief Judge of the Tulsipur High Court is the head of the judiciary. The present Governor, Chief Minister and Chief Judge are Uma Kanta Jha (governor), Shankar Pokhrel (chief minister) and Nahakul Subedi. The province has 87 provincial assembly constituencies and 26 House of Representative constituencies. Province No. 5 has a unicameral legislature, like all of the other provinces in Nepal. The term length of provincial assembly is five years. The Provincial Assembly of Province No. 5 is temporarily housed at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Hall in Butwal.

Administrative subdivisions

Province No. 5 is divided into 12 districts, which are listed below. A district is administrated by the head of the District Coordination Committee and the District Administration Officer. The districts are further dived to municipalities or rural municipalities. The municipalities include four sub-metropolitan cities and 32 municipalities. There are 73 rural municipalities in the province.
  1. Arghakhanchi
  2. Banke
  3. Bardiya
  4. Dang
  5. Eastern Rukum
  6. Gulmi
  7. Kapilvastu
  8. Parasi
  9. Palpa
  10. Pyuthan
  11. Rolpa
  12. Rupandehi

Places To Visit

Province no.5 is full of natural beauty. There are various historical and religious places to visit in this province.


Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi District of Province No. 5 in Nepal. It is the place where Queen Mahamayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BCE. Gautama, who achieved Enlightenment became the Buddha and founded Buddhism.


Swargadwari is a hilltop temple complex and pilgrimage site in Pyuthan District, Nepal commemorating the special role of cows in Hinduism. It is said to have been founded by Guru Maharaj Narayan Khatri (Swami Hamsananda).


Siddha Baba Temple is a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva located near the city of Butwal. The temple is visited by the people all over Nepal and mostly by the Hindus of Palpa and Rupandehi and neighboring districts. It is believed that the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple comes true.


Bhairavsthan temple was constructed by Pratap Sumsher Rana in Palpa. It has biggest trishul (trident) in Asia. Mainly from hindus people sacrifice the many animals such as goats, the occasion of navadurga.

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal is a Rana palace located in the banks of Kali Gandaki River in Palpa district of Nepal. This palace was constructed by General Khadga Samsher Rana JBR in 1893.

Supa Deurali

Supadeurali one of magnificient hill station and pilgrimage site is situated at Sandhikharka municipality of Arghakhanchi. The site is worth visit for pilgrimage purpose as well as sightseeing a panoramic view.

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Parkis the largest national park in the Terai, a beautiful, unspoiled wilderness of sal forest, grassland and alluvial washes cut by the many fingers of the Karnali River.


Tilaurakot is considered to be the place where Lord Gautama Buddha spent 29 years if his life. Its unearthing is marked as a significant event that reveals the historical life of Gautama Buddha.

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